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goldbug throw blanket

goldbug throw blanket


Meet the Goldbug throw blanket. I grew up with an older, inquisitive brother who was all about snakes and critters in our backyard in Jersey. At age 6, he proudly answered that his favorite part of the Natural History Museum, in NY, was the cockroach he pocketed from the mens bathroom (it was promptly discarded out the window while on I-80, on our way home). As a result, I've never shied away from bugs, and you're not going to find me screaming at the sight of a spider or wildly shoeing away curious bees. So when a friend mentioned her friend's original line of bug jewelry, I knew a blanket design #collabadabra was a MUST DO. Introducing the #goldbugthrow featuring dancing cockroaches - or if you're raised as a polite, southern gal in Charleston: dancing palmetto bugs. While all my other throws are custom colors, this blanket is only available in delightful mix of knitted ivory and gold thread, lending a sophisticated color palette to an otherwise unsophisticated critter. 

Shop the entire #goldbug collection at Croghan's Jewel Box at 308 King Street, Charleston, South Carolina. 

  • THROW SIZE (50x60'') 
  • 50/50 eco-cotton/spun polyester
  • Made in the USA
  • Machine wash in cold water (gentle cycle is best)/ mild detergent / tumble dry low

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